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Bonsai Seeds Page 2 - How to Grow Bonsai Trees from Seeds

How to Grow Bonsai Seeds Continued

Care should be taken to plant the bonsai seeds in containers that bear symmetry to the style, color and type of bonsai trees. Dark colored pots can be used when you wish to give a mature look, while glazed pots add to the glamor of the tree.

In addition, planting of seeds should be done in right sized containers that allow the roots to grow under the soil and also offer adequate support to the bonsai tree. Starting off bonsai in small containers will entail frequent labor of repotting. Also utmost care must be taken for adequate drainage facilities to prevent rotting of seeds, which is best served by using bonsai soil.

Seeds can be planted by making holes with your index finger and putting seeds in the hole. Then they can be covered by soil. After a good sowing of seeds, the pots should be kept in a well-ventilated, dry and dark place. The seedlings should be protected from dust accumulating on the top, by covering them with a netting material or a cotton sheet. A spray bottle can be used for watering the seeds. It should be ensured that the seeds are not exposed to direct air because this could slow their growth to mature trees.

These tips could surely help you begin growing bonsai with bonsai seeds.

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