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Bonsai Container Page 2

Bonsai Container

Bonsai dirt made by mixing two parts each of granite grit and peat moss,
with one part of loamy soil can be used in containers to plant bonsai due to
their good drainage properties. It is best to use a tray underneath to catch the
overflow of water.

Bonsai artists should refrain from over watering or under watering bonsai
trees, as both could lead to the death of the bonsai. Bonsai trees that flower
and bear fruit can tolerate more water and wet conditions better but conifers
like the White Pine prefer to have the soil dry out between watering. In
addition the tray should be drained often to prevent puddles of water that
could contribute to root rot.

It is true that style of the bonsai container should be amicable to the style of
your bonsai. A cascading bonsai design like a kengi or han-kengi requires a
wide container or pot that holds enough soil to compensate the hanging of
the treaty and does not trip and fall down.

However little experience and a good design sense can help one pick the best
bonsai container. Some bonsai trees can live for 200 years, hence it is never
too late to stimulate your imagination to find containers for these beautiful

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