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Bonsai \ Request a bonsai \ New to bonsai, need advice for styling American elm.
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PeacefulAres I'm pretty new to bonsai, and I've been doing a fair amount of research, as well as gathering some material to work on. A couple of weeks ago, a collected this really nice American Elm, and it has since recovered from it's potting and has starting back budding like crazy. There are so many, that it's hard to find them. Anyway, I've been trying to think of a way to style this tree, that way I have a general plan in place.

6:57:00 AM
bonsaisr I'm afraid you don't understand. Get that tree into a big, deep training pot or plant it in the ground, now. Don't worry too much about the soil. It needs to recover for about a year. Just because it is budding doesn't mean it has recovered. Talk about styling next year.
6:58:00 AM
Rob Kempinski Hello Peaceful,

I see you are from Florida, and if you collected this from Florida perhaps it is the Florida variant of the American Elm, Ulms Americanna Floridana. If so, your soil medium is fine for this tree. It likes a lot of water and adding water retaining material (organic or fine sand) would be good for the tree.
I would leave it alone for a year and let it grow wild. I'd try to put the pot on the ground and let the roots find the drain holes and escape into the ground. This will speed up the leader development. I would cover the soil with a thick layer of sphagnum moss to keep the top surface of those roots wet, or put it in a deep pot to accomplish the same thing.
6:59:00 AM
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