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giangus Hello IBC members,

I'm sharing you some pictures of my work with the Acer palmatum from seeds.
I have been creating bonsai from seeds for 22 years. It's a long way, however, it gives you more choices and in this way you can observe the whole cycle of a tree life.
6:54:00 AM
drgonzo i'm going to begin stratification of mine about mid January,

I had read about using an overnight warm water soak, but you use a cool water soak for three days? Have you tried warm water I read its supposed to help loosen the tough seed coating.

Also The charcoal Idea is GREAT, I use 100% inorganic to help limit fungus, but Charcoal sounds interesting too.

What medium/soil do you use when they are in the refrigerator?

Excellent growth! I'm just about to do this process myself so this thread was very helpful thank you Giang
6:55:00 AM
Marty Weiser I may try a little charcoal powder in the seed flats this year. I just plant my A. palmatum and other seed in flats and set them out for the winter with a screen over the top to keep critters from digging up the seed. Of course Spokane is a little colder than the Canary Islands so natural stratification works well. I also find that transplanting the 1 year old seedlings into another flat with about 3" (8 cm) spacing works well for the 2nd and 3rd year of growth. They have more room for the roots to spread than in small pots and are easier to care for since they can be moved as a group and don't dry out as quickly. 3/28/2012
6:56:00 AM
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