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jong this is my new discovered species. i found this in a coconut lot which has a lot of rocks. and this one grows on rocks. according to the elder people there, this species is already very very old. when they harvest the coconuts, they just prune these kinds of plant there.and by the way, this plant has a fruit, if it is ripe, it is violet in color. i dont even know what kind of species is this. so if anyone knows, please let me know. and if its leaves can be reduced. thank you and God bless.
6:50:00 AM
Russell Coker
Mick, that's really not very helpful if you can't narrow it down with a Latin name. We have a crappy, weedy tree called "cherry laural" too, Prunus caroliniana. Also, it has alternate leaves, not opposite leaves like the tree in question here.
6:51:00 AM
handy mick Would that be a cherry laurel? We have those here, they self seed easily and would not be bad bonsai material.

6:52:00 AM
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