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Bonsai \ Your Favorite Bonsai \ Western style scroll paintings
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Morten New scroll paintings. For some time I have wanted some new ways with scroll paintings. I do fancy the Japanese ones I have, but also thought it could have a more western approach without neglecting the Japanese heritage. So now my wife, who is educated art painter, came up with a series of modern western scroll paintings with winter images I will look forward to use in the future. She will produce a series of these sold on my website if anyone should be interested. A series including all seasons will be available with time.
6:24:00 AM
Guest For you Bob, I set up two displays today. I miss a blue coloured scroll though, which I think will work better with this winter displays, but just to give an idea about how it looks I used another one (unfortunately my dog ate the dark green one that was good for this time of year too 3/28/2012
6:24:00 AM
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