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Bonsai \ Your Favorite Bonsai \ Scroll for Each Season
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Kakejiku This is a set of scrolls I did for each season. They are written in Full Cursive (Sousho) style, and the poetry was taken from a longer poem by Touenmei. The first one is for spring. I used the light green silk and dark green kakehimo to represent the colors of new lush flora growing all around. It says 春水四沢満, which means "The rivers are overflowing the banks from all four directions due to Spring"
6:20:00 AM
dick benbow iam so used to seeing hundreds of views on your posting but little comment. I for one appreciate your sharing and especially the explainations. thank-you for soing so Smile 3/28/2012
6:21:00 AM
Yvonne Graubaek Lovely scrolls.
I would be happy to use all of them, for my trees, or stones.... Smile The words are lovely too.
Thanks for sharing.

Kind regards Yvonne
6:22:00 AM
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