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Bonsai \ Your Favorite Bonsai \ Kusamono and Me
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deanoaz Well, not sure how to start this, but will outline some background:

1. I started bonsai while in Oregon 15-20 years ago (good place to start)
2. Restarted last year here in Phoenix, with the Phoenix Bonsai Society
3. I am now the PBS librarian, so have access to lots of books
4. I have a stronger interest in Kusamono, but have numerous bonsai plants (my age says I will see greater progress there vs. bonsai plants); yeah, I guess I am into my feminine side
5. Being in Phoenix, we have limited plant availability
I am interested in getting ideas and sources for plants/containers for kusamono, especially things like moss. One club member has a son who boxes up moss and sends her some from the Northwest (oh, how I now miss those years in Oregon). I am retired and on a limited budget, so that is a consideration. I have tried to develop a micro-climate on my back patio, but dry heat is still a consideration, although the setup is working better.

I am looking for any and all ideas for expanding on my kusamono knowledge. I have started by plantings around rock arrangements, but see lots of containers as I search through this forum thread, so that is one area, besides plants, where I need sources/ideas. I would appreciate any and all feedback. Very Happy
5:42:00 AM
tap pi lu If he wants to learn about Moss go to: google-MOSS (image). which show a lot of pictures and documents on the MOSS. If the place you in the climate action dry then I think you can do it this way: take advantage of the shell small yogurt box + the old foam pads, you put the soil in potted plants, moi shell box yogurt into porous pieces in box, for then fill up on land put pieces of MOSS and watered, water will seep into the styrofoam pieces to fill the reserve always moisturizing for MOSS. 3/28/2012
5:43:00 AM
dick benbow I always get a chuckle out of my friends in california, trying to keep moss growing on bonsai. Like oregon ( or maybe moreso here in washington) we try and get rid of it as it takes over.

Have you seen willie benz's book on kusamona? I think for on line info, Ritta Cooper from the U.K. is the best.
She's giving demnstrations and seminars on them at the British Shohin Society with their show this weekend.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

last year I went into the forest and gathered all kinds of native plants to work with, They getting active now this late winter/early spring. I should have something nice to post here shortly.
5:44:00 AM
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