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Bonsai \ Your Favorite Bonsai \ Hand carved cherry pedestal/cascade stands
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Hank Miller I have a number of shohin bonsai. Displaying them on stands which are generally only about 2-3 inches high has always bothered me. They are always too low and tend to get lost in exhibitions. For this reason I decided to make some pedestal stands. Cherry wood is easy to carve and darkens nicely with age. Enjoy. Hank
5:13:00 AM
Poink88 Hank,

Staining wood is tricky since the part along the grain doesn't absorb as much as the end grains. I like Cherry darkening (deep rich reddish brow) naturally. You can help it by exposing to sunlight but that is still a long process. If you go that route, do not apply any UV protection on it.

Try this. http://www.ehow.com/ how_6314524_use-solution-darken-cherry-lumber.html

If you apply boiled linseed oil (BLO), it will hasten the color change (compared to other finishes) too. Good luck!
5:14:00 AM
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